ISFG partners up with Rocket.Chat to offer organizations an innovative communication tool

If you receive only 10 e-mails a day, you will lose a full 46 hours a year by reading and processing them. By regularly monitoring your e-mail inbox, processing e-mails, and reading even those that do not even require your response, you will lose a full 525 working hours per year.

If you didn’t check your inbox and read these conversations and questions, you could travel the world 11 times, read all seven episodes of Harry Potter 9 times, or drive across the United States 16 times in the saved time. Don’t believe it? Then you can calculate for yourself how much time and what part of your life do e-mails cost you.

That is why we have entered into a partnership with the world’s leading platform for teamwork and communication Rocket.Chat and we now offer Czech companies and authorities our own unique platform MyDigiteam, which develops tools from Rocket.Chat and adapts them to the Czech environment. “Thanks to this, teams can forget constant e-mailing and communicate with each other faster, more transparently, and more pleasantly,” adds Ivana Hančíková, CEO of ISFG. As part of the partnership, ISFG is one of the first companies in Europe and the only one in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to offer its clients discounted prices and all the new features from the Rocket.Chat. “In addition, we will be able to provide support and expert consultations regarding this open-source application,” points out Hančíková.

The fact that Rocket.Chat is a serious partner and star in the field of open-source development is also evidenced by the fact that more than 700 developers from all over the world participated in the development and in Github it received more than 17,000 stars. Rocket.Chat states that it has the largest and most active community of developers in the field of open-source communication platforms.

Within MyDigiteam, you can then use functions such as private and group conversations, audio and video conferencing, file uploading, real-time translations or even screen sharing. You can easily integrate the tool into existing systems and simply migrate from Slack or Hipchat. “In addition to speed and the ability to use a phone, safety of internal communication is crucial. That is why Mydigiteam is equipped with several security mechanisms, from two-factor authentication to E2E encryption, ”concludes Ivana Hančíková.

Learn more about our MyDigiteam solution here. Not sure how best to set up internal communication in your organization? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on how to speed up, streamline, and make sharing key information within your team more enjoyable.

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ISFG partners up with Rocket.Chat to offer organizations an innovative communication tool

Increase productivity and motivation of people, reduce the number of unnecessary e-mails. The new MyDigiteam tool simplifies and speeds up communication in organizations. Thanks to partnership with the world’s leading open-source platform for team collaboration Rocket.Chat, MyDigiteam can offer chat, video calls and other innovative functionalities. Rocket.Chat solution is used for internal communication by, for example, Samsung, Intel or RedHat.

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